The University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg (Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg) in Feldkirch offers Bachelor and Master degree programmes leading to a teaching certificate that qualifies graduates to become primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and special needs teachers. On average, there are 450 registered students each year and a present teaching faculty of 85.

Incoming students share classes with Austrian students. They are free to choose classes from any course and semester, regardless of the course design in place at their home universities. The international office will help you organise your studies. Language of instruction is German, with the exception of classes taught in the English Department. We offer a wide range of courses in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages starting at keystage l.

Students not fluent in German can still study at the University College of Teacher Education since there are numerous practice-oriented classes (sports, musical instruments, choir, technical/textile handicrafts, art). The respective teachers will give essential instructions in English. Introduction to German courses are offered to all incoming students.

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1 European Credit Transfer System -  ECTS point = 25 - 30 hours workload

Feldkirch has a population of about 30.000. With its historical centre stretching back over 700 years, past centuries come alive while walking down small alleys and arcades. Feldkirch is the westernmost city of Austria situated in the region Vorarlberg near the boarders to Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. Its close distance to major cities like Munich, Zurich and Innsbruck offers great opportunities for day trips.

The region Vorarlberg and its breathtaking landscapes with numerous mountains (2000 m and higher) and lakes (lake constance the largest) make sport activities like skiing, mountaineering, climbing, biking and water sports an unforgettable experience.

For international students starting their studies in the winter semester at one of the IBH universities (PH Vorarlberg is one of them) a German intensive course is always offered in August. Participants receive instruction at their own language ability level - whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. In addition to the language courses, supplementary activities are offered in the afternoons and sometimes on the weekends. These include presentations on history, culture and politics as well as (city) tours and excursions throughout the Lake Constance region.

Academic credit: Certificate of Attendance (either graded or ungraded) with 6 ECTS 


Please contact the international office for reservation and availability.


Application information


Student Exchange Coordinator: Claudia Zeppetzauer
Head of International Office: Sandra Bellet

Exchange students are only accepted on the basis of a nomination by their home institution.


Austria‘s university colleges for teacher education were established to bridge teaching theory and practice, both in terms of content and organization. Directly affiliated with the college is a training school for primary and basic secondary education offering ideal conditions for teaching practice.

Incoming students team teach with Austrian students and are trained and supervised by a training teacher at the school and a mentor provided by the university. Apart from their teaching practice experience in school incoming students are welcome to take part in winter or summer sport weeks.

The winter term is from the first Monday in October to the end of January. The application deadline for the full academic year and the winter term is May 1st. The summer term is from the first Monday in March to the end of June. The application deadline for the summer term is November 1st. After your nomination at the home institution apply here: international(at)

The following movies give you a short impression about Feldkirch. Subtitles can be changed to English. 

This is how your exchange semester could look like ...

Video made by students of the PHV Ajla, Dilara and Ekaterina.