International Research Network „Research-Informed Education” (Ri.Ed)

Project partner: 32 researchers from 20 nations
Funded by: World Education Research Association
Project duration: april 2021 - march 2024
Lead: Prof Dr. Jana Groß Ophoff & Prof. Dr. Chris Brown (Durham University, England)

Educators can and should be using research-evidence to improve their practices. Nonetheless, despite a growing body of evidence attesting to the benefits of Research Informed Educational Practice, Ri.Ed is yet to materialise in the vast majority of schools world-wide. The aim of this call is to find out why. Drawing on a rich theoretical framework to provide a clear focus for investigating the research-practice gap, we will work with a range of globally situated academics (emerging and experienced) interested in the topic. Using a range of virtual conferencing methods and online working practices, we will develop a literature informed survey exploring the factors associated with evidence-use. Following data analysis, the IRN team will produce a comparative study that explores common (cross-context) and context specific factors affecting Ri.Ed and to propose interventions for how this gap might be closed. Outputs to include an edited handbook, symposia and journal articles.

to use novel theoretical perspectives to attempt to uncover additional insights into why educators do or do not employ evidence, and to provide practice and policy-recommendations as to how this situation can be improved.

Literature Review, Survey Development

Prof. Dr. habil. Jana Groß Ophoff, Hochschulprofessur für Bildungswissenschaften
Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg
Liechtensteinerstraße 33-37
A-6800 Feldkirch